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Virtual BAR

Virtual bar chat room feature of the VIBExchange community. It gives a VibeTribe member the ability to host a virtual party, invite other members to the party, have live online entertainment and, best of all, to buy each other a virtual beer. The host can set a cover charge or just invite some friends to come and share the space. As with the rest of VIBExchange, we rely on our VibeTribe members to set the tone. If you are invited to a party that interests you, drop by. If you like it-the people, the entertainment, the beer- stay and join in. Add to the party. If it feels wrong for you, you can move on to another space. You can also let the host know why you're leaving. VIBExchange only provides the venue for a virtual bar. We think that VibeTribers will be responsible for the kinds of parties they host, who they invite and the entertainment they provide. VIBExchange is not responsible for any of the who, what, where or when of a party and, because a VibeTriber can leave the party whenever they like, VIBExchange has no liability for any aspect of a virtual bar. If you have a comment or think something about this feature has gone over the line, let us know at

Remember: Leaving is just a click away.